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HP LX’s hinges

Recently, I had a conversation with Chris S, a vintage stuff collector who told me that he'd never had an HP LX because of the (in)famous problems with hinges. To calm his worries, I promised to come with a link to a great source of all-things-HPLX knowledge. Here it is: an article about how to repair broken hinges, latches, displays and keyboards, and how to prevent future hinge problems - at Hermocom.


Update <2013.07.11>:

MCbx (see comments to this post) has just sent me a link to his updated page about HP 200LX. Lots of useful tips, programs and links to resources over the Web. Here it is:


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  1. Hi
    I’m still using my 200LX. Why? Because it’s a PIM, an engineering tool, ebook reader and data acquisition device which can be charged once per monith, not per day as today’s devices and it works with standard AA batteries available everywhere, so they won’t disappear next year forcing me to replace computer.
    The best way with LX’s hinges is to prevent. The biggest question when lubricating hinges is “how loose they should be to prevent crack?”. There’s quite simple measurement indicating it.
    If you leave palmtop opened ca. 125 degrees, it should open itself gravitationally so slowly that the cover will move by ca. 1cm in 10 minutes. This is a compromise between usable hinges and crack prevention.

    P.S. Dobrze słyszeć, że w Polsce jeszcze ktoś poza mną interesuje się DOSowymi palmtopami :).

  2. MCbx’s homepage with his retro-computers collection, useful software etc.:
    And a direct link to some hints and tips for the 200 LX (but not only):

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