Vintage Palmtops Tips & Tricks


[RC] Not this time

Summer Retrochallenge is over. I have participated for the first time and done nothing. I realized that even a small project can be impossible to finish without time and will. Next time (January 2014) I'll try to find some of both and maybe start with something completely new.

And now it's time to get some rest.



[RC] Learning resources

The best book on programming (SIBO and EPOC) Psion machines is "Programming Psion Computers" by Leigh Edwards. It covers wide range of topics, including SIBO architecture, available programming tools and detailed OPL reference. And it's free 🙂

You can download it from Gareth Saunders' website, as well as the OPL reference in various formats (including Psion's database file).

For learning OPL you can also take a look at the tutorials devoted to programming Symbian machines (this one, for instance).



[RC] Retrochallenge!

The 2013 Summer Competition has started and so have I - for the first time. For long I thought I would do something on Atari Portfolio, but at the end of June, when my Portfolio went dead (batteries) once again, I changed my mind.

My Psion Series 3c has never disappointed me; besides, I love the design of SIBO - its operating system. Moreover, the whole Series 3 family is more or less compatible (the original Series 3 and Workabout a little less, but they all share the same system), so writing a program for one model can benefit them all - just look at Barbarians by Damian Walker. I decided to port robotfindskitten to the Series 3 family - just for fun and to get familiar with programming the Psions. Maybe something else will be born after this month, who knows...

I'm waiting for the feedback from all Psioneers! Hearing from you that you still play with your Psions will greatly encourage me to do more.