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Back on air

The blog was silent for a while, just like my "vintage palmtoping" was. I had some real-life issues to face and, well, blogging isn't my main activity, so I decided to take a break. Now I think it's time get back on track. A new text about vintage palmtop gaming should be brewed in a few days, so hang on!



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  1. Glad to see you back, I just fixed my 5mxpro and installed debian (3.1) on it, I’d appreciate info on how to “soften” its keyboard. It’s a 10+ years old device, hence the keyboard is a little grippy. What’s the best advice on this? WD40? Anything better than that? It would be great to ease the typing.

    • Thanks for your feedback! Maybe you’ll write a text about how to install Debian on a Psion machine? If so, you’re always welcome 🙂

      Anyone to help Jason with his keyboard?

  2. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Installing debian on the 5mx was a piece of cake, it’s just a matter of using a cardreader and untarring a file or two. It even has X11 support.

    Here’s what I like the best: it runs on batteries, and has a backlit screen; so I don’t have to carry a charger around, I use the serial port for TCP/IP, it works just fine. Debian 3.1 is very outdated, but it doesn’t matter in my case, I just run gnu octave and other similar tools; I don’t need the cutting edge.

    I use a 256MB (yeah MB) compact flash card. It’s a 5mxpro so it has 32mb internal. Honestly, it’s a fine machine; I’d love to find something to replace it with, but haven’t found anything yet; I’m open to suggestions; I do need a keyboard though. I used to like those mini sony laptops, but I don’t think they still sell them.

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