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Software for Atari Portfolio

Thanks to its popularity back then, Portfolio experienced a flood of software for virtually all applications. However, when the hype had gone down, most of the dedicated websites started to disappear and some FTP archives have become inaccessible. Nowadays, a new fortunate user of a Portfolio (with some file transfer hardware) faces the problem: where to find anything useful that I could load to my little computer and be happy with it?

Here's a short list of the sources where you can still find software for the Portfolio. They are redundant, of course, but that increases the chance, that Pofo software will survive on the Internet and we won't wake up one day to find out that the only place where the programs used to be is down.

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  1. I wrote a program back in 2005 for the Atari Portfolio called Portfolio Lotto, I have since lost the source code, but not the com file…. is there a copy of the source code floating around somewhere ????

    Russ Campbell

    • It might be hard to find if you wrote it in 2005 (i.e. after the closure of most popular Portfolio websites), but who knows… I checked Pofo Wiki (the only repository I know of still operating in 2005), but couldn’t find it.

  2. I have site dedicated to the Atari Portfolio that still has downloads, everything is still catagorised and sorted before that site that I got it from went down. I will post a link to it here ata later date.

  3. I actually found my software but not the source code, but since I found the source code to my PC version, I have rewritten it for the Atari Portfolio. I just got one with 4 memory cards, a parallel and a serial interface and a card reader package. Working on making the card reader drivers work with Windows XP.

  4. I have a new version of Atari Portfolio Lotto Package, I will update it tomorrow when I get my new Atari Portfolio, the keyboard dies on the old one.

  5. I now have a Lotto Max Simulator for the Atari Portfolio, release candidate 15, it is available with all of my other software on Mega. Link provided below:!tR91AQja!yOioZm0bwYr4oifssULdsg

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