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Finally. A new game for Portfolio

This year's Grzybsoniada party witnessed the glorious comeback of Atari Portfolio. "Diabelska Pomyłka" - a text game with Innuendo's script and graphics and my code (Portfolio Basic yeah!) took the first place (of 1 competitors for this platform) in Wild Compo 😀

The game is in Polish, but hopefully some day an English version will appear. However, you may want to write your own text game and that's why I chose Portfolio Basic (I wouldn't advise you to use it otherwise) - in my humble opinion the engine is simple enough for anyone with - nomen omen - basic programming skills to use it for creating their own game or even to modify it. It comes with 48x8 text mode (with user-definable characters) and PGC support (actually built-in PBasic's feature). The only drawback is the annoying speed, making reading longer chapters boring.

I'm about to re-write the 48x8 (or even 48x9) engine in assembler, so that it would allow coders to write cool adventure games, ebook readers etc. It should be ready for Christmas. Don't know the year, though...

Download the game from the Download section.

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  1. The download link isn’t working for some reason!

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